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Liberal Democrat MEPs
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    “There are eleven British Liberal Democrat Members of the European Parliament. The delegation of the Liberal Democrat European Parliamentary Party (LDEPP) forms the largest single party delegation within the Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE).

    Traditionally, the ‘Lib Dems’ are Britain’s European party. Its new leader is former MEP Nick Clegg. The party believes that the UK should play a full role in all aspects of European integration, and that Britain has failed, over the years, to realise its potential in Europe.

    Lib Dem MEPs take an active and constructive part in as much of the life of the European Parliament as possible. For example, Graham Watson is leader of ALDE. Andrew Duff, who leads LDEPP, represents the Parliament in crucial negotiations about the EU’s constitution.Diana Wallis, in her role as Vice-President, is prominent in the on-going efforts to reform the European Parliament”.

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    • Rescuing the Lisbon treaty

      Much to French President Sarkozy’s evident frustration, the Irish are stalling for time. By the time the European Council meets in Brussels next week four months will have passed since Ireland’s referendum blocked the ratification of the Lisbon treaty. Those four months have been almost entirely wasted. Ireland’s beleaguered government made great play of mounting […]

  • Liberal Democrat MEPs

    Liberal Democrat Members of the European Parliament

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